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2002-01-30 / 5:37 a.m.
In Rememberance

This page is somethingt that I'm using as support for my adopted POW's page. This page lists those who have died in service to our country since Vietnam. It'll be regularly updated as new information surfaces. If you know someone who isn't listed but should be, please contact me by using the email link in the right-side navbar.

Non-Campaign Related Casualties

Sgt. Richard Beaty
Sgt. Bryon Lane
LCpl. Sean Hughes
LCpl Joshua R. Merkel
Pfc Terry E. Page
Spc. James T. Sakofsky
Sgt. Brian G. Castellanoreyes (possible suicide)
Pfc Seth Spellman
LCpl Mario P. Cabrera
Capt. Justin Sanders, USAF
Lt. Gregory Fulco, USN
Sgt. Eli J. Martinez
Sgt. Richard M. Robak Jr. (shot by a soldier who was accidentally given live ammunition during a training exercise)
Maj. Todd S. Denson
Capt. Jason Meiners
PVT Barry Winchell (murdered by a fellow soldier)
Sgt. 1st Class Rodney E. Davis
Warrant Officer David Hilemon, died December 94, North Korea
S/Sgt Gerald "Jake" Aldrich, died in a C-130 crash in 1995.
LCpl Davis (who just "disappeared")
Sgt. Francisco Morales, shot in Honduras in 1995
Chief Warrant Officer Robert L. Brown
Chief Warrant Officer David L. Hopkins
PFC William Grelnik
LCPL Benjamin H Gearhear
Capt. Warren B. Sneed
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Sheaffer
Engineman 1st Class Shawn Mustard
Capt. Bret O. Hines, Pilot VMFA-242
Maj. Nicholas Ferencz III
Lt. Edward Fassnacht
Lt. Shawn O. Jacobs
AD1 Jeffrey S. Paschal
AD2 Davis E. Rutherford
Cpl Jeremy J. Fulk (awarded Navy and Marine Corps medal for saving another Marine and a Navy Midshipman in the accident that killed him)
Lt. Cmdr. Gareth Rietz
Lt. Raymond O'Hare
Lt. William Joseph Dey
Lt. David Erick Bergstrom
Maj. Brison Phillips
CPL Daniel L. Hudson, 21, Bolingbrook, Ill. (USMC), killed in vehicle rollover at Camp Pendleton, Calif. 02/08/02.
CPL Aaron M. Pinnetti, 19, Bristol, Mai. (USMC), killed in vehicle rollover at Camp Pendleton, Calif. 02/08/02.
CPL Benjamin H. Worchel, 21, San Antonio, Tex. (USMC), killed in vehicle rollover at Camp Pendleton, Calif. 02/08/02.

Khobar Towers

Master Sgt Michael G Heiser
Master Sgt Kendall K J Kitson
Tech Sgt Thanh V Nguyen
Tech Sgt Patrick P Fennig
Staff Sgt Kevin J Johnson
Sgt Millard D Campbell
Airman 1st Class Brent E Marthaler (who was supposed to get married upon return)
Airman 1st Class Peter J Morgera
Airman 1st Class Justin R Wood
Capt Christopher J Adams
Capt Leland T Haun
Staff Sgt Daniel B Cafourek
Senior Airman Earl F Cartrette, Jr
Senior Airman Jeremy A Taylor
Airman 1st Class Joseph E Rimkus

Operation: Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan Campaign

Master Sgt. Jefferson Donald Davis
Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Henry Petithory
Staff Sgt. Brian Cody Prosser
Sgt 1st Class Nathan R Chapman
Staff Sgt. Walter F. Cohee III, 26, from Wicomico, MD. Died in CH-53E helicopter crash 20Jan2002 (USMC)
Staff Sgt. Dwight J. Morgan, 24, from Mendocino, CA. Died in CH-53E helicopter crash 20Jan2002 (USMC)
Lance Cpl. Bryan Bertrand, 23, from Coos Bay, OR. Died in KC-130 airplane crash 09Jan2002 (USMC). He had recently signed for another Tour shortly before his death.
Capt. Matthew W. Bancroft, 29, from Shasta, CA. Died in KC-130 airplane crash 09Jan2002 (USMC).
Capt. Daniel G. McCollum, 29, of Richland, S.C. Died in KC-130 airplane crash 09Jan2002 (USMC).
Gunnery Sgt. Stephen L. Bryson, 35, of Montgomery, AL. Died in KC-130 airplane crash 09Jan2002 (USMC).
Staff Sgt. Scott N. Germosen, 37, of Queens, N.Y. Died in KC-130 airplane crash 09Jan2002 (USMC).
Sgt. Nathan P. Hays, 21, of Lincoln, WA. Died in KC-130 airplane crash 09Jan2002 (USMC).
Sgt. Jeannette L. Winters, from Du Page, IL. Died in KC-130 airplane crash 09Jan2002 (USMC).


Sgt 1st Class Donald Dugan
Spec Floyd Bright
Chief Warrant Officer 3 David A.Gibbs
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kevin L. Reichert
Gunners Mate 2nd Class, Chad Burkhart
Sherwood Brim
William Wright
Anthony Gilmann

Operation: Desert Storm

Chief Warrant Officer Robert Godfrey
Private First Class John W. Hutto
Sergeant David Quentin Douthit
Lance Corporal Eliseo Felix
Cpl Aaron A. Pack
Captain Paul R. Eichenlaub II
Specialist Steven G. Mason
Sergeant Scotty L. Whittenburg
Private First Class David Mark Wieczorek
Sergeant David R. Crumby
Sergeant Jimmy D. Haws
Lance Corporal Thomas A. Jenkins
Sergeant Edwin B. Kutz
Corporal J. Scott Lindsey
Specialist Adrienne L. Mitchell
Sergeant Adrian L. Stokes
Specialist Cindy Beaudoin
Staff Sergeant William T. Butts
Captain James R. McCoy
Chief Warrant Officer Phillip Garvey
Sergeant Dodge R. Powell
Staff Sergeant Michael Robson
Corporal Phillip J. Jones
Private First Class Robert Wade
Specialist James Worthy
Specialist Roy Damian
Lance Corporal Frank C. Allen
Sergeant Nels A. Moller
Capt. Steve R. Phillis
Lance Corporal Christian J. Porter
Lance Corporal Brian L. Lane
Specialist James R. Miller
Captain Brian K. Simpson
Specialist Michael Mills
Specialist Ronald D. Rennison
Specialist Michael D. Daniels
Private First Class Marty R. Davis
Corporal Jeff Middleton
Sergeant First Class Gary Streeter
Captain Reginald Underwood
Sergeant Russell G. Smith
Corporal Stanley W. Bartusiak
Sergeant Roger Brilinski
Specialist Timothy Hill
Private First Class Aaron W. Howard
Specialist William E. Palmer
Lance Corporal Stephen E. Bentzlin
Specialist Glen D. Jones
Lt. William T. Costen
Specialist Steven P. Farnen
Specialist Phillip D. Mobley
Warrant Officer David Plasch
Sergeant Garett A. Mongrella
Private Robert D. Talley
Master Sergeant Otto F. Clark
Corporal Ismael Cotto
Capt. Mario Fajardo
Staff Sergeant Patbouvier Ortiz
Lance Corporal David T. Snyder
Specialist Thomas G. Stone
Sergeant Michael A. Harris
Private First Class Jerry L. King
1st Lt. Patrick B. Olson
Specialist Kenneth J. Perry
Specialist Clarence A. Cash
Staff Sergeant Johnathan Kamm
Specialist Anthony W. Kidd
Lance Corporal James H. Lumpkins
Chief Warrant Officer Hal H. Reichle
Warrant Officer George Swartzendruber
Private First Class Michael C. Dailey
Lance Corporal Michael E. Linderman
Specialist Troy Wedgwood
Specialist Steven Atherton
Specialist John Boliver
Specialist Joseph P. Bongiorni III
Sergeant John Boxler
Specialist Beverly Clark
Major Mark Connelly (Dr)
Sergeant Alan B. Craver
Specialist Duane W. Hollen
Specialist Anthony Madison
Specialist Christine Mayes
Specialist Stephen J. Siko
Lance Corporal James E. Waldron
Specialist Frank J. Walls
Specialist Richard V. Wolverton
Corporal Douglas L. Fielder (friendly fire)
Specialist James D. Tatum
Pvt. Roger E. Valentine
Specialist Andy Alaniz
Captain Douglas L. Brant
Specialist Tommy D. Butler
Specialist Luis Delgado
Sergeant James D. Hawthorne
Sergeant Candelario Montalvo
Specialist James C. Murray
Staff Sergeant Christopher H. Stephens
Lance Corporal Daniel B. Walker
Private First Class Corey L. Winkle
Staff Sergeant Harold P. Witzke III
Lance Corporal Dion J. Stephenson
Sergeant Jason C. Carr
Sergeant Kenneth B. Gentry
Lance Corporal Troy Lorrenzo Gregory
Lt. Terry L. Plunk
1st Lt. Donaldson Tillar III
Corporal Jonathan M. Williams
Major Thomas C.M. Zeugner
Sergeant Lee Belas
Private First Class Ardon B. Cooper
Warrant Officer John K. Morgan
Pvt. Michael L. Fitz
Sergeant Cheryl LaBeau-O'Brien
Private First Class Scott A. Schroeder
Sergeant Brian P. Scott
Sergeant William A Strehlow
Corporal Rolando A. Delagneau
David Spellacy

Attack on the USS Cole

Technician 2nd Class Kenneth Eugene Clodfelter
Technician Chief Petty Officer Richard Costelow
Specialist Seaman Lakeina Monique Francis
Technician Seaman Timothy Lee Gauna
Signalman Seaman Cherone Louis Gunn
Seaman James Rodrick McDaniels
Engineman 2nd Class Marc Ian Nieto
Technician 2nd Class Ronald Scott Owens
Seaman Lakiba Nicole Palmer
Fireman Joshua Langdon Parlett
Fireman Patrick Howard Roy
Technician 1st Class Kevin Shawn Rux
Specialist 3rd Class Ronchester Manangan Santiago
Specialist 2nd Class Timothy Lamont Saunders
Fireman Gary Graham Swenchonis Jr
Ensign Andrew Triplett
Seaman Craig Bryan Wibberley

160th SOAR(A) "Nightstalkers"

CW4 Raymond A Frank
CW4 Cliff P Wolcott
MSG Gary Gordon
SFC Randy Shughart
1LT John R Hunter
CPT Charles W Cooper
CW3 Michael F Anderson
SSG Mario Vega-Velazquez
SSG Christopher J Chapman
CPT Keith J Lucas
CW3 Donovan Briley
SSG William Cleveland
SGT Thomas Field
MSG Timothy Martin
SFC Earl Filmore
SFC Matthew Rierson
SSG Daniel Busch
SGT James Joyce
SGT Lorenzo Ruiz
SGT Dominick Pilla
CPT James Cavaco
CPL James Smith
PFC Richard Kowalewski
SGT Cornell Houston
PFC James Martin


Sgt Ronald N Richerson
Sgt Christopher K Hilgert
Spec Keith D Pearson
Spec Marc E Gutting
Sgt James Casey Joyce
Master Sgt Timothy L Martin
CW4 Raymond A Frank
CW4 Cliffton P Wolcott
MSG Gary Ivan Gordon
SFC Randall Shughart
SGT Daniel Busch
CWO Donovan Briley
Matthew K. Anderson
Domingo Arroyo
Brian P. Barnes
Anthony D. Botello
James M. Cavaco
William D. Cleveland Jr.
David J. Conner
Robert L. Daniel
Robert H. Deeks
Roy S. Duncan
William C. Eyler
Thomas J. Field
Earl R. Fillmore Jr.
Lawrence L. Freeman
Daniel L. Harris
Cornell L. Houston
Richard W. Kowalewski Jr
James H. Martin Jr.
David J. Mehlop
Mike E. Moser
Edward J. Nicholson
Jesus Perez
Dominick M. Pilla
Mark A. Quam
Ferdinan C. Richardson
Ronald N. Richerson
Matthew L. Rierson
Don D. Robertson
William A. Rose
Lorenzo M. Ruiz
James E. Smith
Anthony R. Stefanik Jr.

UH-60 Crash, Fort Campbell

CWO2 Francisco J. Ruiz
1st Sgt John A. Harrison
SPC Larry C. Hinson
PFC Robert Hicks, Jr.
PVT Angel A. Bernal-Frias
SPC Nathan D. Shirley

UH-60 Crash, Fort Bragg

Chief Warrant Officer Michael D. Pannell
Chief Warrant Officer Brad J. Ronan
1st Lt. Timothy K. Alspach
Staff Sgt. Loren R. Woodrow
Spec. Angela E. Niedermayer
Staff Sgt. Leslie W. Martin
Spec. Jack Tucker
Sgt. Thomas J. Fenton

Bomb explosion at the American Embassy in Kenya

Sgt. Jesse Aliganga
Sgt. Kenneth R. Hobson, II
Senior Master Sgt. Sherry Lynn Olds

KC-130 Crash, Germany

Maj. David W. Fite
Capt. Kenneth M. Thiele
Maj. Matthew F. Laiho
Tech. Sgt. Richard D. Visintainer

UH-60 Crash, Fort Campbell

Chief Warrant Officer Aaron K. Power
Sgt. Robert G. Millward
Sgt. Julius R. Wilkes
Spc. Fury J. Rice
Spc. Anthony W. Brown
Spc. James R. Murphy
Pfc. Earl C. Eoff

CH-64 Helicopter Crash, Pacific Ocean

Gunnery Sgt. James Paige Jr.
Staff Sgt. William C. Dame
Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Jay J. Asis
Staff Sgt. David E. Galloway
Staff Sgt. Vincent A. Sebasteanski
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey R. Starling
Cpl. Mark M. Baca

RC-7 Crash, Columbia (all members of 204th Military Intelligence Bn)

Capt. Jose A. Santiago
Capt. Jennifer J. Odom
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Thomas G. Moore
Pfc. T. Bruce Cluff
Pfc. Ray E. Krueger

UH-60 Crash, Hawaii

Maj. Robert L. Olson
CWO4 George P. Perry
CWO2 Gregory I. Montgomery
SSgt. Thomas E. Barber
Sgt. Bob D. MacDonald
Spc. Rafael Olvera-Rodriguez

Helicopter crash in Vietnam (part of the team recovering service members' remains from crashes during the Vietnam War)

Lt. Col. Rennie Melville Cory Jr
Lt. Col. George D. Martin, III
SFC Class Tommy James Murphy
Maj. Charles E. Lewis
Master Sgt. Steven L. Moser
Tech. Sgt. Robert M. Flynn
HM3 Pedro J. Gonzales

Accidentally bombed by F/A-18, Udairi Range, Kuwait

Staff Sgt. Jason M. Faley
Staff Sgt. Troy J. Westberg
Staff Sgt. Richard N. Boudreau
Sgt. Phillip M. Freligh
Spc. Jason D. Wildfong

MV-22 Osprey Crash

Lt. Col. Keith M. Sweaney
Maj. Michael L. Murphy
Staff Sgt. Avely W. Runnels
Sgt. Jason A. Buyck

MV-22 Osprey Crash, Arizona

Maj. John A. Brow
Maj. Brooks S. Gruber
Cpl. Kelly S. Keith
Staff Sgt. William B. Nelson
Sgt. Jose Alvarez
Pfc. Gabriel C. Clevenger
Pfc. Alfred Corona
Lance Cpl. Jason T. Duke
Lance Cpl. Jesus Gonzalez Sanchez
Lance Cpl. Seth G. Jones
2nd Lt. Clayton J. Kennedy
Lance Cpl. Jorge A. Morin
Cl. Adam C. Neely
Pfc. Kenneth O. Paddio
Pfc. George P. Santos
Pfc. Keoki P. Santos
Cpl. Can Soler
Pvt. Adam L. Tatro
Cpl. Eric J. Martinez

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